Great Dane Club of Central North Carolina
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Dog Shows

The primary focus of our club is to dog shows. We host Great Dane Specialty Shows (usually 2 each year), and sponsor Great Dane breed competition in all-breed shows.

As an affiliate of the Great Dane Club of America (GDCA), which represents the Great Dane breed in the American Kennel Club (AKC), we are allowed and required to host dog shows. Dog shows are important to breed clubs and breeders as the primary measure of how we are maintaining the Great Dane breed.

As part of the Southeast division of the Great Dane Club of America, our club works with the other 3 clubs in our division to host the Great Dane Club of America National Specialty show. The GDCA National Specialty is the biggest show in the United States for our breed, including over 500 hundred Great Danes in 2015 when we last hosted the show. Hosting rotates ... Our division will host the National Specialty again in 2021 ... It is a lot of work hosting such a big show, but it is our passion.

Club Get-togethers

It's not all serious business. We like to have fun too. (But really, dog shows are fun for us.)

We enjoy a yearly Christmas party, just for fun. We have a yearly "Meet'n'Greet" get-together at the big Raleigh all-breed shows to attract new members and provide a "Meet the Breed" experience for anyone interested in Great Danes.

Other Participation

We participate in events hosted by other organizations, such as Responsible Dog Owners day and the AKC entry for the Raleigh Christmas Parade.