Great Dane Club of Central North Carolina
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Breeder Referral Application

Note: Only club members may apply to be listed on the Breeder Referral page.

When you click the APPLY FOR BREEDER REFERRAL button below, an email opens in your email program with the recipient, subject and requested information filled out. Just edit the email to provide the requested information, add a picture (optional), and send the email.

If your kennel is already listed and you want to change something, please click the APPLY FOR BREEDER REFERRAL button and specify your name, the kennel name and the information to change.

Note: If you use webmail (you send mail from a web page), please copy the text in the box to a new email and send it to with subject "Breeder Referral Application".

The following information will be requested in the email.

  • Member Name:
  • Contact Email:
  • Kennel Name:
  • Kennel Website (optional):
  • Kennel City, State:
  • Colors Bred:
  • Puppies: (Often; Occasionally; Rarely; Never)
  • Adults: (Occasionally; Rarely; Never)
  • Stud Dogs Available: (Yes; No; Inquire)
  • Health Testing (optional): (Yes; No)

  • Kennel Logo or Picture (optional): The picture is optional, but you are encouraged to provide a picture to make your breeder entry more attractive. Attach the picture file at the end of this email.

  • Additional Instructions/Comments/Questions:

We will get back to you within a few days. If you don't hear back from us, please send a note to to check the status of your application.

About the picture:
The picture is optional, but each breeder entry has a space for a picture that is 240 pixels wide by 150 pixels high. A logo or a picture that represents your kennel is best. The picture will be scaled to fit in that space, and the best picture size would be at least twice that size to look good on all devices, namely at least 480 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. It is fine if the height to width proportions of your picture are different than the space - it will just leave empty borders at the sides or below - but your logo will be less effective if gets scaled too small because it is either too wide or too high.