Great Dane Club of Central North Carolina
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Applying for Membership

The GDCCNC offers two different types of memberships, associate and regular. Associate memberships are for those people who are unable to attend regular club meetings, but still want to be involved in the club. They are entitled to all club privileges except voting and holding office.

Regular memberships are for those people that are able to be involved in all club activities and they receive all privileges of the club. We also have family memberships for both types of members as well as junior memberships.

Please read the membership guidelines as written in our Bylaws for further information.

Membership Application

Instructions for completing membership application

  1. Attend two regular, monthly club meetings or club events before applying for membership. Those applying for Associate membership do not need to attend two meetings beforehand.
  2. Read:
    1. Membership guidelines (Article I, Section 1 of the club's Bylaws)
    2. The Great Dane Club of Central North Carolina, Inc's Constitution and Bylaws
    3. The Great Dane Club of Central North Carolina, Inc's Code of Ethics
    4. The Great Dane Club of America's Breeders' Code of Ethics
    5. The Great Dane Club of America's ColorCode
  3. Complete the four-page application. Two club members in good standing are required to sign the application as sponsors.
  4. Fees include a nonrefundable $20 application fee and the selected membership fees.
  5. Make a check payable to GDCCNC for the amount due.
  6. Send the completed application, along with your check to the Membership Chairperson:
    • GDCCNC Membership
    • c/o Martha Goins
    • P.O. Box 1081
    • Lincolnton NC 28093

Once the application is received by the Membership Chairperson

  1. Dues and fees will be forwarded to the Treasurer.
  2. The application will be read at the first monthly club meeting following its receipt.
  3. The applicant's name will be published in the next newsletter.
  4. At the next club meeting following the publication, the members of the club will vote on the application.
  5. Affirmative vote of 2/3 of the members present and voting at the meeting for the application to be accepted.
  6. Any applicant with a negative vote will be refunded all dues, but the application fee will be forfeited.
  7. If applicant is not present at this meeting then a letter of acceptance or denial will be sent.